About Me

About Me

Kenny Hannon is an artist / designer based in Roeselare, Belgium. Growing up he was always fascinated by art, dreaming of an artistic career.

At the age of 24 he became a tattoo artist and quickly fell in love with the craft. The first years he spent tattooing different styles . Combining realism with watercolour, trash and geometric influences he created his own style, thus always creating unique designs for his customers.

By travelling, learning from other artists and pushing himself to become better every day, he aims to be the best at what he does. Whether he is tattooing on a guestspot, at a convention or homebased, he will aways give it 100%.

In his spare time he designs and creates art, everything with painting, grafitti, refurbishing old items, nothing is too far-fetched for him. Combining these new styles and different crafts he is always trying to improve his style.

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